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Councils Work Together to Protect Recreation Field

Eden District Council and Penrith Town Council have agreed that responsibility for the Fairhill Recreation Field in Penrith will transfer from the District Council to the Town Council.

Fairhill Recreation Field is an area of almost eight acres. It provides a much loved and very well used open space where local residents enjoy undertaking a range of activities such as dog walking and football. In addition, there is a small play area. The field is being transferred on a freehold basis but there will be legal protections to ensure that, in perpetuity, it can only be used for the purposes of public recreation.

 Eden District Council’s Deputy Chief Executive, Matthew Neal, said: “This transfer is part of the Council’s plans to devolve discretionary services to local parish councils. This is helping to ensure that a range of assets people value are protected for the public’s future benefit. We strongly believe that there are many services which are best delivered as locally as possible. I am really pleased that we have been able to agree this transfer which shows local authorities working together to protect public services.”

The Clerk of Penrith Town Council, Viv Tunnadine, said: “Penrith does not have a lot of open space which the public can use. Fairhill Recreation Field is now protected for future public use. I am also confident that the Town Council will continue to manage the field as effectively as Eden has done. This transfer fits in to the Council’s approach of seeking to deliver local services locally.”

The Fairhill Community Group has been working to improve the play area to provide a more attractive and extensive facility. The Group has been actively supported in its work by Eden. The Town Council has already pledged £5,000 towards the cost of the new equipment.

The Group’s secretary, Roz Exton, said: “The Group is delighted that the long-term future of the field is now assured. We are pleased that the District and Town councils are committed to working together to support us. When the play area is upgraded it will significantly improve the experience of children using the recreation field.”


Notes to editors

The transfer was agreed at the following Council meetings;

  • Eden District Council 11 May 2017
  • Penrith Town Council 15 May 2017