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Council invites towns and parishes to apply to £300k Signature Projects Fund

Town, Parish Councils and Parish Meetings in Eden District are being invited to apply for the £300,000 Signature Projects Fund which was agreed by the Council as part of the 2018/2019 budget. 

This one off-pot of funding is available to Town, Parish Councils and Parish Meetings to help fund innovative projects that can help deliver sustainable projects in their respective communities. The guidelines for the funding scheme have been drawn up by a volunteer working group of Councillors, with support from the Council’s Leisure and Communities Team.

Eden District Council’s Leader, Kevin Beaty, said: "This new fund is all about supporting local communities to achieve their aspirations. We recognise that through our existing funding schemes we support the needs of local communities who wish to fund events and equipment for projects. This new scheme is for bigger signature projects, with grants from £10,000 to a maximum of £100,000 for both capital and revenue based projects. So I invite local Town, Parish Councils and Parish Meetings to put their thinking caps on and come forward with some really innovative projects that we can support them to achieve in the coming months."

Eden Signature Projects Fund – Who can apply?

Applications for funding must come from Town or Parish Councils or Parish Meetings within Eden – community groups who wish to apply can do so via the Town or Parish Council or Parish Meeting, who will act as the lead partner. This is to ensure that the group applying is properly constituted and reflect the highest priorities of the communities they serve.

The Process

There will be a single stage process of application whereby applications in full will need to be submitted to the Council by 2 November 2018.

Application Criteria

  • The Fund can provide grant funding of between £10,001 and up to a maximum of £100,000.
  • Evidence of long term sustainability of the project must be demonstrated.
  • A significant benefit to the population to the local area must be demonstrated.
  • To support fair decision-making, any funding awarded through Eden District Council’s Community Fund will be taken into consideration (including previous awards). This will not preclude those Town or Parish Councils or Parish Meetings from making a bid, but will be taken into consideration to try and ensure there is a spread of the funding available.
  • There will be a requirement for 25% match funding. Voluntary work will be included towards match funding provision on the same basis that it is allowed and costed within the criteria of the Eden Community Fund.
  • Evidence that the match funding has been agreed will be required before any funds will be released.
  • Projects must be completed within a two year time frame. However, payment can be deferred if a project is considered close to completing. This will be considered on a case-by-case basis by Eden District Council.
  • Any payments will generally be staged throughout the life of the project, dependent on the circumstances of the project. The final payment will be on completion of the project and will be a minimum of 15% of the overall amount awarded.  
  • Three comparable quotes for any work will be required. However, if the project is specialist and three quotes cannot be obtained, full consideration may be given to the application.

Eden District Council’s Communities Portfolio Holder, Elaine Martin, said: "This is a real opportunity for Town and Parish Councils to speak to their local communities and see what projects this new funding could support. We are setting aside a number of days in October 2018 when applicants will have the opportunity to bring their draft applications into the Council for officers to provide advice and support before groups make their final submissions on 2 November 2018.

For more information about the Eden Signature Project Fund visit or call the Communities Team on 01768 817817.