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Council Chairman Resigns

Eden District Councillor, Mike Tonkin (Independent Group, Morland Ward) has resigned from his position as Chairman of the Council.

The Council's Chief Executive, Dr Robin Hooper, received a letter of resignation from Councillor Tonkin yesterday (31 January 2017). Councillor Tonkin has been the Council Chairman for almost two years, during which time he has represented the Council and residents of Eden at hundreds of events across the district and the county.

Eden District Council’s Chief Executive, Dr Robin Hooper, said: "Councillor Tonkin tendered his resignation at this time because he wishes to leave himself free to be able to be an advocate for Penrith Football Club, which he has a long association with. As Chairman of the Council there are restrictions on being involved in dealing with certain matters, therefore, to maintain the integrity of the office, Councillor Tonkin has chosen to step down a few months earlier than had been intended.

"Councillor Tonkin has represented the Council across a range of activities and events. It is fully understood why he wishes to take this opportunity to spend time supporting the development of Penrith Football Club and carrying out his duties for the Morland Ward. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Councillor Tonkin for the many hours he has devoted to the role of Chairman over the past two years."