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Council agrees way forward for accommodation issues

Eden District Councillors have agreed a series of recommendations put forward by a cross party working group to solve the local authority’s long standing accommodation issues in Penrith.

The proposals were presented to Members by Eden District Council’s Development Portfolio Holder, Councillor John Owen MBE at a full Council meeting on Thursday 19 April 2018.

Councillor Owen said: "A great deal of work has been done by the Accommodation Working Group to bring these proposals back before Members and to have them agreed. The need to resolve the Council’s future accommodation needs and create a fit for purpose building that benefits the public and our officers has been debated many times in the Council Chamber.

"Officers now have the green light to secure the funding and seek a quality design and construction package to develop a business case to realise a centralised site at Penrith Town Hall for key Council services."

The recommendations agreed by Councillors comprise:

  • To fund the design and build of additional accommodation at the Town Hall to provide a centralised site for key Council services and to redevelop the Mansion House to provide for economic development opportunities and some affordable housing;
  • The Council’s Director of Finance is given delegated powers to agree the details of any financing ;
  • A provisional capital budget of £2.3m to undertake the works for the additional accommodation and redevelopment be approved and included in the 2018/2019 capital programme;
  • It be noted that commencement of works will be subject to a full business case demonstrating that the scheme is affordable over its life. If in the circumstance where the scheme does not demonstrate that it is achievable at cost neutral or near cost neutral basis further Council approval will be sought;
  • That it be noted that the Accommodation Working Group will:
    • be consulted on the final specification for the works; and
    • will nominate members to sit on the tender assessment panel.
  • The Council’s Deputy Director Technical Services be authorised to seek competitive tenders from relevant suppliers to complete works for the selected option and a supplementary budget of £10,000 be approved to support this in 2018/19 funded from revenue balances.

For more information contact about Eden District Council visit or call: 01768 817817.