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Community group takes on Patterdale housing affordability

Community housing trust graphic.

A group of local people in Glenridding and Patterdale are finding solutions to housing problems in the parish. They recently commissioned a Housing Needs Survey, which the community supported very well, with half of all households in the area taking part (the number of properties in the area with permanent residents surveyed totalled 220).

The survey results provided a strong indication of the level of affordable housing need in the area, showing that at least nine households are in need of affordable housing in the parish, with twenty-five in total needing, or wanting to move, within the next five years.

The group are now taking action in response to the survey results, with support from Eden District Council’s Community Housing Fund.

The group are forming the Patterdale Parish Community Land Trust, which will enable them to plan new housing within the Parish.

Groups of local people set up and run the Community Land Trusts (CLT) and are a way for them to provide what they feel their community needs. Funding is available for them to develop new housing, and they can provide other things, including community shops, pubs, or workspaces.

Maddy Teasdale has been a member of the community group since they started work on the project and is Chair of the CLT.

Maddy said: “The formation of the CLT is the result of several years of work, and the survey results are evidence of the problem of the lack of affordable housing in our community. Around 40% of the houses in our parish are second homes or holiday lets, and house prices and private rents are unaffordable for most people here. We need to keep our young people living and working in the dale, and with the CLT we will be able to provide affordable, local needs housing that will help to keep our community sustainable and vibrant.”

The group would be keen to hear from anyone who would be interested in being part of the CLT. CLTs are set up by and on behalf of the local community and work well when they involve people with a range of skills and experience.

Eden District Council’s Deputy Director of Environmental Services, Robert Docherty, said: “I am delighted to see the positive impact funding the Council has received from the Government is making to address housing needs brought forward by local communities. I hope more communities will come forward to access the funding to help research and develop their housing needs.”

To get in touch with the Patterdale Parish CLT, please contact: Maddy Teasdale on 017684 82534, or message the group on the Facebook page ‘Ullswater Affordable Housing Group’.

For more information about the Community Housing Fund visit or contact Eden District Council’s Housing Team on 01768 817817 or email: