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Be a litter hero by taking part in the Great British Spring Clean

Great British Spring Clean posterThe Great British Spring Clean event is taking place between 22 March and 23 April 2019. With the aim of inspiring 500,000 people to join forces, in partnership with community organisations, businesses and the government, to collect and safely dispose of single-use plastic from our streets, parks and beaches, recycling as much as possible.

Eden District Council is encouraging local people and community groups to take part in the Great British Spring Clean by providing litter picking equipment and refuse collection sacks. Eden District Council’s Services Portfolio Holder, Councillor Adrian Todd, said: “We are happy to support local people who want to take part in the Great British Spring Clean by organising a community clean up event in their area. You can simply go on to the Tidy Britain Group website and all of the resources are available for free to organise your event.

“The District Council can help by lending litter picking equipment, including; litter picking sticks, gloves, high visibility vests (in both adult and kids sizes), handi hoops and sacks. We can also provide a disposal service for the collected litter. I hope this help encourages more people to take part in the District.”

The low down on litter

Everyone has a responsibility to keep their local community tidy and this campaign provides a fantastic opportunity to improve the quality of our streets and public spaces. By working together we hoped it will help lead to a lasting legacy of a cleaner, tidier area.

Did you know people drop around 2.25 million pieces of litter on the streets of the UK every day, meaning authorities collect 30 million tonnes of rubbish from England’s streets each year? During 2018, we collected over 226 tonnes of litter from across Eden.

It takes up to a month for a paper bag to breakdown, orange peel and banana skins up to two years, plastic bags 10-20 years, cigarette ends up to 12 years and plastic bottles up to an astonishing 450 years! Glass bottles and chewing gum are not biodegradable and will never breakdown.

It costs UK taxpayers almost £1 billion every year to clean up litter from our streets and the cost of cleaning up chewing gum in a town centre can be as much as £60,000.

For more information about the Great British Spring Clean 2019 visit To contact Eden District Council about the loan of litter picking equipment email: or telephone: 01768 817817