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£70k to support victims of domestic abuse in Eden

Eden District Council has been awarded more than £70,000 to support victims of domestic abuse and to help prevent domestic abuse from happening.

More than £700,000 has been awarded to the six district Councils in Cumbria and the County Council following a bid led by Carlisle City Council to the Department for Communities and Local Government. The Cumbria Police and Crime Commissioner supported and endorsed the bid.

The Cumbrian local authorities will use the funding to improve access to specialised accommodation and support based services for those people /households with more complex needs who have been identified as being at high risk.

Councillor Lesley Grisedale, Deputy Leader of Eden District Council and the Housing and Health Portfolio Holder, said: "I'm delighted that the partnership bid has been successful and I would like to thank all those involved in developing this bid, special thanks go to Carlisle City Council who pulled the bid together on behalf of all the Council's in Cumbria.

"The funding will provide additional support for victims of abuse. In addition to an increase in supported emergency accommodation for those at high risk, the funding will be also be used for a bespoke training programme for officers."

Across the County the funding will be used to:

  • Provide an increase of up to 12 supported emergency accommodation units for households in crisis. This will ensure there is a mix of provision to suit differing needs and risk levels i.e. from secure provision staffed 24 hours a day; medium to low risk supported and dispersed accommodation; and individual supported units. Out of hour's advice, assistance and access to emergency crisis accommodation will be available throughout the county.

  • Provide up to six fixed term dedicated and specialist trained accommodation officers available countywide to deliver frontline crisis support to those housed in emergency accommodation and address immediate and longer term needs. There are currently no specialist domestic abuse accommodation officers across the county focusing on high risk complex needs.

  • Provide practical assistance with a focus on stable housing, risk reduction and safety; this will be enhanced through the opportunity to apply for a personalised grant of up to £500 administered by the accountable lead organisation, Carlisle City Council. It is envisioned that this will assist up to 120 households across Cumbria being supported within emergency accommodation annually.

  • Enhance the current Independent Domestic Violence Advisors (IDVA) service by employing an additional fixed term young person's IDVA to deliver training, educational and awareness raising with 100 young people across a variety of communities. Plus developing a network of Domestic Abuse mentors in educational establishments across the county. It is anticipated that the young person IDVA along with the current post holder will engage with all the main secondary schools within the county - 36 secondary schools and 40 adult education and community development centres.

  • To deliver specialist preventative training programmes and interventions (over the two years funding).


Notes to Editors

Department for Communities and Local Government funding:

Seventy-six projects across the country will receive a share of £20 million to support victims of domestic abuse, creating more than 2,200 new bed spaces in refuges and other specialist accommodation.

This will support more than 19,000 victims with somewhere safe to live and rebuild their lives, and provide further access to education, employment and life skills training.

Last November, the government published its "Priorities for Domestic Abuse Services" setting out what local areas need to put in place to make sure their approach to domestic abuse is collaborative, robust and effective.

This latest funding has been awarded to local areas that will deliver on these priorities - for example by working collaboratively across local authority boundaries and with other partners, including specialist domestic violence service providers to strengthen support.

The funding will support a wide range of services and safe accommodation which help those at risk of violence to stay safe in their own homes through improved security measures and mainstream local authority accommodation.