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Employment policies and documents

We have developed a range of policies and initiatives designed to support employees in areas such as welfare and training and to make clear what employees can expect from us and the standards we expect in return. In addition, policies help to create a culture where issues are dealt with fairly and consistently. The policies listed apply to all our employees unless specifically stated otherwise in each policy.

Absence Management Policy and Guidance

Absence Management Policy (PDF: 56Kb / 3 pages) and Absence Management Guidance (PDF: 400Kb / 31 pages) Explains the our responsibilities on promoting the good health of our staff and that doing so is likely to lead to a workforce who will be more productive and who are better able to lead full and satisfying work lives.

Capability Policy and Procedure

Capability Policy and Procedure (PDF: 107Kb / 11 pages) is designed to assist a member of staff who is falling short of acceptable standards of competence. Employees of the Council sometimes experience problems in which assistance and support of more senior staff may be needed. The Capability Procedure seeks to establish means by which solutions to these problems can be found.

Company Vehicle Use Policy

Company Vehicle Use Policy (PDF: 96kb / 3 pages) sets out the way in which Eden District Council manages and deals with the use of company vehicles.

Disability in the workplace

Disability in the workplace guidance (PDF: 125Kb / 8 pages) includes the information regarding employment that Managers will need to know to ensure that they are complying with the Equality Act 2010. In doing so we will also ensure that we are able to deliver our services in an enlightened and informed way.

Disciplinary Policy and Procedure

Disciplinary Policy and Procedure (PDF: 213Kb / 8 pages) covers the management of disciplinary situations that arise at Eden District Council. It sets out our expectations of employees conduct and the consequences of breaching these in line with statutory legislation, including the revised ACAS Code of Practice (April 2009). It is designed to help and encourage all employees to achieve and maintain acceptable standards of conduct in setting out the rules and procedures that will apply to ensure consistent and fair treatment for all staff.

Employee Handbook

Employment Handbook (PDF: 471Kb / 27 pages) is a key reference document for both employees and managers at our council. The Council has recently revised its employee handbook and combined this with a number of other various documents which existed, which related to terms of employment, such as the ‘Local Rules and Conditions of Service’. The new document should provide greater clarity on the Council’s terms of employment as well as key policies and procedures.

Employment Screening Procedure

Employment Screening Procedure (PDF 293Kb / 39 pages) Employment screening can provide the Council with some assurance that a prospective employee is trustworthy and has the necessary skills and/or experience required to perform the role they have applied for. It can also act as a deterrent to dishonest individuals applying for positions within the organisation in the first place. Failure to screen effectively could lead to reputational or more serious damage to the Council.

This procedure sets out the employment screening activities that will be undertaken by Eden District Council.

Home Working Policy

Home Working Policy (PDF: 186Kb / 20 pages) Eden District Council is committed to promoting flexible working in order to facilitate effective and efficient working. This policy outlines the circumstances under which the Council will allow employees to work from home. It also details the actions required to facilitate a home working arrangement.

Pay and Pension Discretions Policy Statement

The Pay and Pension Discretions Policy Statement 2017-2018 (PDF: 475Kb / 40 pages) has been prepared to meet the requirements of the Localism Act, 2011. The statement explains the policies of a range of issues relating to the pay of the workforce, in particular our senior staff or Chief Officers and our lowest paid employees. This policy also sets out the Council's policy in relation to its exercise of certain discretionary functions available under the Local Government Pension Service (LGPS) regulations. We prepare a pay policy statement for each financial year, beginning with 2012-2013 which is approved by full Council.  The next pay policy statement will be available on 1 April 2018.

Early Retirement and Redundancy Policy

Early Retirement and Redundancy Policy (PDF: 113Kb / 11 pages) specifies the normal retirement age and sets out our approach to early retirement and redundancies.

Flexible Retirement Policy

Flexible Retirement Policy (PDF: 93Kb / 7 pages) states an employee may seek flexible retirement after they have reached the age of 55. Flexible retirement enables an employee to continue their job on reduced working hours and draw their pension whilst still in employment.

Staff need consent from us before flexible retirement is permitted.