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Setting up a petition

One of the easiest ways for you to have direct influence on the political process is to create or sign a petition.

Who can sign a petition?

Anyone who lives, works, or studies in Eden, including under 18s, can sign or organise a petition.

Before submitting your petition you might like to check with us to see if this is a matter which we are responsible for and to see if we are already acting on the subject of your petition - to find out, telephone 01768 212142.

How do I submit a petition?

Petitions can be submitted either online or on paper (or a mixture of both).

Generally, a petition should have a clear statement covering the subject of the petition and say what actions you wish us to take and provide contact details of the petition organiser. Anyone signing a petition must provide their name, address, postcode and signature.

The petition guidance provides more information on what a petition should contain and the process for petitioning us.

Submit or sign a petition online

What happens if my petition is rejected?

If you feel that we have not dealt with your petition properly, the petition organiser can request our Scrutiny Co-ordinating Board to review the steps that we took in response to your petition.