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Community engagement and consultation

We are committed to understanding the needs and concerns of residents, organisations and businesses in Eden and those who work in or visit the area. They all have a central role to play in helping to make the right decisions, so that what we do reflects their diverse needs and concerns.

Opinionsuite consultation hub

Opinionsuite consultation hub - provides an opportunity to find out about our consultations - past, current and planned. Clicking on the 'Partnership Hub' button at the left hand side of our Consultation Finder allows you to locate consultations run by Cumbria County Council, NHS Cumbria, Cumbria Police Constabulary and all district councils in Cumbria.

Consultation Policy and Programme 2016-2017

Our Consultation Policy and Programme 2016-2017 (PDF: 364 Kb / 10 pages) sets out why, how and when we will consult. It is possible other consultations may be added to the programme during 2016-17 as the need arises.