Eden Access Forum

The Eden Access Forum is a group of people who are working together to improve access in Eden. Our staff play an active role within the Forum providing advice and support in many different areas and we consult the Forum on matters relating to access in Eden.

Who makes up the Eden Access Forum?

The Forum is made up of local people, both disabled and able-bodied, together with representatives from organisations, all with an interest in improving access in Eden.

What does the Eden Access Forum do?

  • Meets to discuss access issues.
  • Promotes disability, equality and social inclusion.
  • Helps with access surveys and projects.
  • Provides feedback and the opportunity to share experiences.
  • Listens to presentations on topical issues.
  • Comments on planning applications.

Eden Access Forum projects

The Forum has been actively involved in:

  • Major access improvements at Penrith and Eden Museum.
  • Our Assisted Collection Scheme for waste and recycling.
  • Access Survey at Brougham Castle in partnership with English Heritage.
  • New Penrith pedestrian signage scheme.
  • Successfully campaigning for the installation of a dropped kerb outside Sandgate Friery, Penrith.
Last updated: Monday, 18 January, 2021.