Business continuity planning

Business continuity planning is a process developed to counteract systems failure. It is essential to businesses, regardless of size and sector. A Business Continuity Plan ensures that we are able to function in the event of an emergency. Unplanned events may arise, such as: 

  • The foot and mouth epidemic in 2002, and
  • The floods in 2005, 2009 and 2015.

Developing an effective plan

An effective Business Continuity Plan April 2020 (PDF: 474Kb / 10 pages) enables a business or organisation to recover quickly and efficiently should an emergency/disaster occur. Please note that the Appendices are not included with this document.

Business continuity planning for businesses

 See business continuity planning for businesses as part of our business support and advice information.

Last updated: Thursday, 29 October, 2020.