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Town and parish council details - Penrith Town Council


Parish / Body
Penrith Town Council
District ward
Penrith Carleton, Penrith East, Penrith North, Penrith Pategill, Penrith South and Penrith West
Parish wards

Penrith Carleton, Penrith East, Penrith North, Penrith South, Penrith West and Penrith Pategill.


Clerk / Chairman
Mrs Viv Tunnadine

01768 899773


Penrith Town Council, Council Office, Church House, 19-24 Friargate, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 7XR


Web address


Dates of meetings

Penrith Town Council meetings are on Monday evenings.

See the dates of full council meetings on Penrith Town Council website.


Councillors' details
Councillor's by parish ward
Parish Councillor Parish ward
Doug Lawson Penrith Carleton
Stephen Clarke Penrith Carleton
James Fallows Penrith East
Nicola Hawkins Penrith East
Charles Thomas Shepherd Penrith East
Paul Donald Penrith North
Scott Jackson Penrith North
Ronald Kenyon Penrith North
John Grattan Bowen Penrith Pategill
Roger Burgin Penrith South
Margaret Clark Penrith South
Jonathan Davies Penrith West
Hilary Snell Penrith West
David Parkin Knaggs Penrith West