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Kaber Community Governance Review

On 14 July 2016, the Council agreed to undertake a 'Community Governance Review' for the parish of Kaber in Eden. This page has more information about Community Governance Reviews generally and specific information about the Kaber Community Governance Review.

What is a 'Community Governance Review'?

A 'Community Governance Review' enables us to review and make changes to community governance systems and structures by asking the public, parish councils and any interested parties whether they feel their communities are suitably represented. The review will be conducted in line with Part 4 of the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007 and the Department for Communities and Local Government's national guidance document.

Where is Kaber?

Kaber is in the Eden District Council ward of Kirkby Stephen and has a population of 84 residents.

Why was Kaber parish reviewed?

Kaber Parish Council sent a petition to the Council in March 2016 asking us to review the governance arrangements in the parish. The law states that in areas with less than 500 registered electors, if the petition is signed by more than 50% of the registered electors in the parish, we must undertake a review. The pretention sent in by Kaber had been signed by 64% of the parish which meant that the Council needed to carry out the review. On 14 July 2016, the Council agreed to undertake the review and agreed the terms of reference for the review. More details can be found in the terms of reference and report considered by Council.

What options did the review look at?

We are consulting on the options requested by the parish council which are as follows:

  • Staying the same and remaining a parish council
  • Converting from a parish council to a parish meeting
  • Being with a neighbouring parish
  • Being abolished and becoming and unparished.

How were you consulted?

We will be sending a questionnaire and prepaid return envelope to every registered elector in Kaber. We have also published a press release and written letters to other interested parties including neighbouring parish councils and meetings, local schools and doctors' surgeries, Cumbria County Council and Cumbria Association of Local Councils.

What were the consultation timescales?

The terms of reference for the review were agreed in July 2016, we now have twelve months to complete the review. Questionnaires were sent out on the 17 August 2016 and the deadline for any letters, emails and questionnaires is Friday 14 October 2016. We will be aiming to publish a report of our findings in November 2016 and a final decision will be made in January 2017.

Outcome of the Kaber Community Governance Review

Following the conclusion of the public consultation on the options for Kaber's future governance arrangements a report was taken to a meeting of the full Council. The report outlined the responses to the consultation and made recommendations that Kaber Parish Council be dissolved and be converted to a Parish Meeting. A full copy of the Council Report and Appendices can be found here;

10 November 2016 Council Report -

G35/16 Kaber Community Governance Review

Kaber Community Governance Review Report

Any Comments?

Please send any comments you may have about the future governance arrangements of Kaber parish to the Member Services team by email or writing to:

Kaber Community Governance Review,
Member Services,
Eden District Council,
Town Hall,
CA11 7QF