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District councillors' allowances

The Council has agreed a new Scheme of Allowances, which came into effect on 11 May 2017. The new Scheme was the one recommended by our Independent Remuneration Panel (PDF: 667Kb / 12 pages).

We pay our Councillors (also called 'Members') a range of allowances to provide some recompense for the time they put into Council activities and to cover some of the incidental costs of being a Councillor. How much is paid to each Councillor is a public record. These allowances are set out in the Members' Allowances Scheme 2018-2019 (PDF: 691Kb / 11 pages).

Summary of Allowances Payable

Allowance paid to: Basic
All Councillors 3,788  
Chairman of Council   632
Leader   11,365
Deputy Leader   4,735
Executive Member   4,735
Chairman of Scrutiny Co-ordinating Board   1,894
Chairman of Scrutiny Committee   1,263
Chairman of Planning Committee   3,788
Chairman of Licensing Committee   632
Chairman of Accounts and Governance Committee   1,263
Group Leader: Largest Group   300
Group Leader: Next Largest Group   150
Standards Committee Co-optees   110

*Special Responsibility Allowances are paid to Councillors with specific responsibilities - this is in addition to the Basic Allowance.