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About the Community Governance Review

Eden Community Governance ReviewOur Community Governance Review (under the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007) enables us to consider what changes are needed to the parish arrangements in the district. This will be the first wide-ranging review of parish councils in over forty years.

In September 2017 we published Community Governance Review Terms of Reference (PDF Kb / pages).

Undertaking a community governance review

A community governance review looks at the whole or part of a district to identify a need for:

  • creating new parishes, abolishing, merging or altering parishes
  • the naming of new parishes
  • reviewing electoral arrangements for parishes
  • grouping parishes under a common parish council or de-grouping parishes

A community governance review cannot:

  • change the number of district or county councillors;
  • change district or county council ward boundaries;
  • change the amount of money that a parish council raises through your council tax (known as a ‘precept’);
  • change individual parish councillors;
  • create a unitary authority (for example, abolish the District and County Councils and replace them with a single Council).

To help the review process we will invite all parish councils and meetings to identity any issues they wish to be considered in the review.

A cross party steering group of District Councillors is supporting our Deputy Chief Executive to undertake the Community Governance Review. The Steering Group is Chaired by Independent Group Councillor, Douglas Banks. He said: “The Community Governance Review is an important piece of work which will help inform the future shape of local democracy in the District.

“We will be consulting with residents and Parish/Town Councils and other stakeholders between November and February 2018. The findings of the consultation will then be reported back to full Council in Spring 2018, including any recommendations for changes. If any changes are agreed, we will then work with short-listed areas to seek views about the recommendations from local parishes and residents." A final report and recommendations will then go before Members in July 2018, so an Order can be agreed to make any changes to Town/Parish Councils before the local elections in 2019.

How you can get involved in the review

You can also email us, or send a letter using the contact information below.

The deadline for responses to our surveys was 22 December 2017.

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