Virtual committee meetings

Public attendance at virtual meetings

In order to comply with the new Regulations, the Council is required to ensure that members of the public are able to access the meeting and take part where appropriate. Therefore, your ability to make representations at this meeting remain unaffected.

You should inform the Council that you wish to participate in a meeting as detailed on committee meetings public attendance.

To participate in the meeting you must provide a telephone number, please email this to, along with your question or representation.

On the day of the meeting you will be able to view the meeting by following the link placed on this website. At the appropriate point in the meeting an Officer will telephone you. The Chair will invite you to speak either to ask your question or make your representation. You will still have the chance to ask a supplementary question.

Please ensure that you are available to take the call. If you do not answer it, we will assume that you do not wish to speak. If you are using a mobile phone, please ensure that the settings allow ‘unknown numbers’ to be received. We will contact you with the number before the meeting.

Attendance at planning meetings

Our Planning Services team will contact everyone who has registered to speak at a planning meeting to confirm that they still wish to speak and to confirm the arrangements.

Once again we will ask for a telephone number and an Officer will telephone the objector/supporter/Agent or applicant at the appropriate time. The Chair will invite you to speak. At the end of your allotted time you will be asked to end the call.

Links to live meetings

The easiest way to see our meetings online is to follow these three steps from a computer. We recommend using Chrome as your browser.

  1. Click on the link to the meeting you want to watch;
  2. Choose the 'watch on web instead' option on the right;
  3. Click on 'join anonymously'.

If you are using a smartphone or tablet, download the Microsoft Teams app.

Find out how to attend a live event in Teams on the Microsoft website.

Please note that we limit virtual meetings to 4 hours. We will adjourn meetings which are likely to run beyond 4 hours to a later date.

Committee meetings calendar

View our committee meetings calendar for dates of upcoming meetings.

Links to past meetings

You can view past virtual committee meetings for 21 days after the meeting