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Customer satisfaction survey

Background to the audits

Customer satisfaction questionnaires are sent to randomly selected customers who have used the contact centre and our Council services within the previous two months.

To date, we have completed 45 customer satisfaction audits since 2006. We regularly receive a very good response levels for these surveys. This survey was sent out to 269 customers and we received 102 responses, generating a good 37.9% response rate.

Overall results and conclusions

The customer services team’s strategic objective for overall average customer satisfaction is 90% for the year 2017-2018. The overall average achieved in this individual survey is 86.9%, just short of the 90% target. This generates an average, for the year of 91.5%, against a target of 90%.

This survey included a higher percentage of customers who had requested services online (60% of the total survey) and this could be a reason for these slightly lower scores. Customers who use online services tend to have more demanding expectations of their suppliers and this is both understanding and more challenging for the Council to address. 

Regardless of this, the team have achieved the annual target of 90% with an overall average scoring of 91.5%.

The customer services team, and individual service officers, continue to strive to provide all customers with a high quality service at all times. Together, they work to continually improve the service provided to customers by reviewing feedback and addressing any areas where any problems arise.

Read the Results of the Customer Satisfaction Audit carried out for services February 2018 (PDF: 148Kb / 5 pages).