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Customer satisfaction survey

Background to the audits

Customer satisfaction questionnaires are sent to randomly selected customers who have used Council services within the previous two months. To date we have completed 46 customer satisfaction audits since 2006. This survey was sent out to a total of 503 customers and generated 149 responses - a respectable 29.6% response rate.

This first survey of the year is unique, as all the customers contacted, had requested services using one of the Council’s online forms and had provided an email address. As such the survey was completed solely electronically, using SurveyMonkey which reduced costs to an absolute minimum.

Overall results and conclusions

The customer services team’s strategic objective for overall average customer satisfaction is 90% for the year 2018-2019. The overall average achieved in this survey is 83.5% and unfortunately below the 90% target.

It is important to note that this survey reflects only the views of customers contacting the Council by using the new digital and online services. This was a deliberate exercise to assess the view of this specific customer group. This lower than average score probably reflects the higher expectations in terms of response and service of this customer group. This survey does not include feedback from customers who prefer to contact us by telephone or make a personal visit to one of the Council offices.

Whilst the scores and rankings for this particular survey are disappointing and below target, there is great value and learning to be garnered from this unique view and feedback from the Council’s online customers.

This will be used constructively to further develop our online services and improve overall service for all Eden Council customers.

Read the Results of the Customer Satisfaction Audit carried out for services May 2018 (PDF: 196Kb / 6 pages).