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Customer satisfaction survey

Background to the audits

Customer satisfaction questionnaires are sent to randomly selected customers who have used the contact centre and Council services, within the previous two months.

To date we have completed 40 customer satisfaction audits. We regularly receive a very good, 45% + response level for these surveys. The June 2016 audit received an excellent 51% response.

Overall results and conclusions

The customer service team's strategic objective for overall average customer satisfaction is 90% for the year 2016-2017.

The overall average achieved in this survey was 94.3%, significantly ahead of the target of 90%.

The customer services team and individual service officers in the Council continue to strive to provide customers with a high quality service, at all times. Together, they work to continually improve the service to customers by reviewing customer feedback and areas where problems arise. This high level of commitment is reflected in our customer's perception of our services.

Read the Results of the Customer Satisfaction Audit carried out for services raised in Quarter 1 of 2016-2017 (PDF: 136Kb / 5 pages)