Reuse of Public Sector Information

The Reuse of Public Sector Information (PSI) Regulations on implements a European Directive and provides a framework for the re-use of Public Sector information. The Regulations came into effect on 1 July 2005.

'Re-use' means any use of the information other than for the purpose the document was originally produced. The Council may allow re-use in accordance with the Regulations.

Links with Freedom of Information Act

The supply of information under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Environmental Information Regulations or the Data Protection Act does not give the recipient the automatic right to re-use it. Nothing in the Re-Use Regulations affects rights of access under FOIA.

Basics of the regulations

A person may make a formal request to re-use a document. The application procedure is set out below. The Council will consider your request and try to respond to you in 20 working days. If we refuse your request we will inform you why. You may complain about the refusal of a request. The supply of documents to you does not give you a right to re-use them in a way that would infringe copyright, for example, by making copies, publishing and issuing copies to the public or to any other person. Extracts of any of the material may be reproduced without our permission, under the fair dealing provisions of the Copyright, for example for the purposes of research, for non-commercial purposes or private study. Wider re-use, however, requires permission. The Council may choose to allow re-use under licence, imposing conditions on the re-use to ensure it is not used in a way that is inconsistent with our copyright; the Council may also decide to charge a fee.

Apply to reuse public sector information

A request to reuse a document must:

  • be made in writing.
  • state your name and correspondence address.
  • specify the document/information you want to re-use.
  • state the purpose for which the information is going to be re-used.

Download the reuse of public information licence application form (PDF: 38Kb / 3 pages).

Write or email the Assistant Director Legal and Democratic Services on the contact details below.

We will:

  • respond to your request within 20 working days by;
  • Making available the document for re-use;
  • Advising you of the conditions under which the information may be re-used, or
  • Refusing the request

Should the request prove to be extensive or complex the 20-day deadline may be extended. Requests maybe refused if the document contains content which is owned by a third party; the content of the document is exempted under the FOIA or supplying the document falls outside the public task of the Council. Some information will be reusable without charge. A licence fee may be required in some circumstances. The response to your request will set out any conditions for the re-use of the information. There are 2 forms of licence, one were a fee is payable and the other where there is no fee payable.

There is no standard charge and any charge will be decided on a case by case basis.


Read our complaints procedure, should you wish to make a complaint about the way the we have managed your request for re-use of information.

Last updated: Wednesday, 29 June, 2022.