Freedom of information request response - 06773

FOI request

FOI ID number
Public Sector Security
  1. Which Web Filtering Solution do you currently have implemented at the local authority?
  2. Do you use a different solution for your schools, corporate and other public services (such as libraries)? Please indicate which solutions do you use.
  3. How many users does this support?
  4. Who was this purchased through?
  5. How much is the current contract value and how many years does this cover?
  6. When is the Web Filtering contract due to expire?
  7. Who is in charge of reviewing the web filtering contract/solution?
  8. Do you use a standalone Filter or is it bundled within product suite?
  9. How is the system delivered:
    1. centralised
    2. decentralised
    3. Other (please specify)
  10. How is the system deployed:
    1. On premise
    2. Cloud
    3. Hybrid
  11. Which monitoring solution do you currently have implemented at the local authority?

Our response

  1. FortiGuard.
  2. No.
  3. 260.
  4. TNP Ltd.
  5. Purchased as part of a bundle, covers 5 years.
  6. August 2023.
  7. ICT Manager.
  8. Bundled.
  9. Centralised.
  10. On Premise.
  11. FortiAnalyzer.
Response date
05 March 2020