Freedom of information request response - 06717

FOI request

FOI ID number
Vehicles owned or leased to the Council
  1. A list of vehicles owned or leased to the council. Please include; registration mark, fleet number (if used), make & model and body type.
  2. Identify which vehicles are owned and which are leased.
  3. Name, position and email address of the staff responsible for these vehicles, together with the telephone number for the department (direct dial not expected given GDPR.)
  4. The estimated amount of spend (£) on diesel/petrol per annum and the cost split between owned and leased vehicles.

Our response

  1. Two VW Caddy C20 Diesel 1.6 TDI 75PS Startline Vans
  2. Leased
  3. Assistant Director Jane Langston, contact details available on our website
  4. We do not hold this information
Response date
04 March 2020