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FOI request

FOI ID number
Residential buildings with ACM cladding

Please could you supply a list of how many residential buildings with aluminium composite material (ACM) cladding there are in the local authority area.

Please supply the following details on each of these buildings:

  • The number of storeys
  • The name of the building
  • Whether the building has sprinklers
  • Whether the building contains social housing and the percentage
  • Whether the building has a team of "waking watch" fire wardens in place - and if so, how many, on what shifts.
  • If the building has fire wardens what the cost paid for the service is:
    1. Per shift
    2. Per annum to the company
    3. The cost paid so far since contracting wardens
    4. How long the contract is for
    5. The name of the contracted company
    6. A copy of the contract, with all commercially sensitive data redacted. Also, please could you provide me with all documents and correspondence including emails, relating to the cost of fire wardens and any quotes supplied for the removal of ACM cladding.


Our response


There are no residential buildings within Eden with aluminium composite material (ACM) cladding.

Response date
03 March 2020