Freedom of information request response - 06736

FOI request

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Domestic abuse
  1. What is your annual budget for supporting victims of domestic abuse?
  2. What support do you have in place - for example - do you have safe houses? Do you have specialised staff and if so how many do you employ on a FT or PT basis?
  3. Is this budget ring fenced?
  4. If you have spent your budget before the end of the year, do you have access to emergency funding?
  5. Finally, how much of your budget is specifically for the support of male victims?
  6. What support do you have for male victims of domestic abuse?

Our response

  1. Around £50,000.
  2. 1 Full Time Equivalent providing support to victims who are at risk of Homelessness due to Domestic Abuse. We have four units of temporary accommodation which are also used for victims of Domestic Abuse.
  3. Yes, it is external grant funding from Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG).
  4. Yes, we could access Homelessness Prevention Grant or Flexible Homeless Support Grant if the issue was linked to homelessness.
  5. Our budget isn't broken down to this level, but supports both male and female victims.
  6. Domestic abuse support worker, providing the same support as female victims. Temporary accommodation are self-contained units within the community.
Response date
26 February 2020