Freedom of information request response - 06731

FOI request

FOI ID number
On-trade Alcohol licensed premises

Can you please provide the following details from the most recent records which you hold under The Licensing Act 2003:

  • On-trade alcohol licensed premises, including:
  • Premises Licence Number
  • Date Issued
  • Premises Licence Status (active, expired etc.)
  • Premises Name
  • Premises Address
  • Premises Postcode
  • Premises Telephone Number
  • Premises on-trade Category (e.g. Cafe, Bar, Theatre, Nightclub etc.)
  • Premises Licence Holder Name
  • Premises Licence Holder Address
  • Premises Licence Holder Postcode
  • Designated Premises Supervisor Name
  • Designated Premises Supervisor Address
  • Designated Premises Supervisor Postcode

Format: If possible, please provide the information in an Excel Spreadsheet format, preferably Microsoft Excel (*.xls).

Our response


Please search our Public Register for the information which you are seeking. If you put the information ‘PL’ in the licence number search field, a list of all premises will appear, as well as previous licence holders. We do not routinely hold telephone numbers of premises, nor will personal information regarding the address or postcode of the designated premises supervisor appear.

Response date
21 February 2020