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Council pension fund and investments
  1. What is the size of the council’s pension fund in millions or billions of pounds as at February 17, 2020 or the latest available date?

  2. What are the 10 largest investments the pension fund currently has? If any of these is a fund run by an investment company, please name the fund and fund manager in full.

  3. What is the size of each of these 10 investments individually in £s?

  4. What size does this make each holding as a percentage of the entire pension fund?

  5. How many investment funds does the council's pension fund hold in total? Please state which type of fund each holding is (such as unit trusts, open-ended investment company, investment trust, hedge fund), the name of the fund management company and, if known, the name of the individual fund manager (eg Neil Woodford, Richard Buxton).

  6. What percentage do the investment funds identified in question 5 equate to as a proportion of the entire pension fund? Please provide a figure for each investment fund as well as a total figure for the investment funds together.

  7. Please state the performance of each investment fund holding (eg unit trust, OEIC, investment trust, hedge fund) over the following periods to February 17, 2020:

    • 1 year
    • 3 years
    • 5 years
    • Since investment was made (please state the date the investment was made)

Our response


Please note that Eden District Council’s pension is administered by Cumbria County Council.

Go to Freedom of Information on Cumbria County Council’s website to make your FOI request.

Response date
19 February 2020