Freedom of information request response - 06716

FOI request

FOI ID number

For each financial year between 2015-2016 and 2018/2019, please could you answer the following questions:

  1. How many claims has your council:
    1a. Received for compensation due to damage caused to vehicles by potholes?
    1b. Accepted and subsequently, made payments to the claimant?

  2. What was the total compensation amount paid by the council to claimants?

  3. How much money did the council:
    3a. Spend on road maintenance (please provide both capital and revenue spend)?
    3b. Allocate for your road maintenance budget?

  4. How many potholes were:
    4a. Reported to the council?
    4b. Repaired by the council?

Our response


Please note that as a district council we do not have responsibility for highways.

Go to Freedom of Information on Cumbria County Council’s website to make your FOI request.

Response date
14 February 2020