Freedom of information request response - 06713

FOI request

FOI ID number
Council Tenant

For each of the following points in time:

  • Now
  • End of the reporting year 2018/19
  • End of the reporting year 2017/18
  • End of the reporting year 2016/17
  • End of the reporting year 2015/16

Please could you tell me:                                                                                                                                  

  1. How many council tenants (including those in council-run emergency/temporary accommodation if applicable) were in arrears on their rent?
  2. What was the total sum owed in arrears?
  3. How many of those tenants were Universal Credit claimants?
  4. What was the total THEY owed?

Please could you also tell me:

  1. How does the council plan to cover the current shortfall in rent owed in arrears?
  2. When was Universal Credit rolled out in your authority’s area?

Our response


Eden District Council transferred all housing stock to Eden Housing Association in 1997.

Universal Credit was rolled out in area in July 2018.

Response date
13 February 2020