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FOI request

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Recycling and air quality
  1. Please could you tell me how much it cost the council in 2019 to sort recycling out that had been put in the wrong bin?

  2. Please can you tell me how many different kerbside recycling bins there are in your area?

  3. Can you give me a list of results of the reviews and assessments of local air quality for 2019?

Our response

  1. Eden District Council’s Recycling is through a contract, and we have paid no additional sums to sort the recycling that has been put into the wrong containers.

  2. Information about our recycling collection is available on our website. Every household is entitled to have two green bags (for paper/card and plastic recycling) and one green plastic box (for recycling glass and cans).

  3. The Air Quality Annual Status Report is published on our website.

Response date
03 February 2020