Freedom of information request response - 06599

FOI request

FOI ID number
Council Tax Severe Mental Impairment Discount

Please can you tell me the number of households within your council who as at or around 1st January 2020:-

  1. Are receiving Council Tax Discount SMI Disregard.

And of them:-

  1. How many have been backdated to the date the GP certified they were suffering from Severe Mental Impairment (SMI).

Our response

  1. 174 household receive 25% discount due to SMI disregard, 19 receive 50% discount (SMI + other form of disregard such as carer) and 130 household receive 100% exemption as all the occupants are disregarded due to SMI.
  2. This information isn’t held but date certified by GP will be used if entitlement to qualifying benefit has also been in place from this date.
Response date
31 January 2020