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FOI request

FOI ID number

Please could you reply directly via emailing explaining the following:

Procurement threshold levels and processes - for example:
< £4,999.99 (including VAT) Informal Quotations
<£5,000 - £14,999 (including VAT) 3 Formal Written Quotations
< £14,999 (including VAT) Formal Tender via the Procurement office / DPS / Framework

Please could you also tell me how you advertise and procure your procurement, eg Contracts Finder and In-Tend.

Our response


Purchases of less than £5,000 do not require competitive quotes.

£5,000 - <£10,000 require at least two competitive written quotes.

£10,000 - <£25,000 require a minimum of three competitive written quotes.

£25,000 - <£60,000 require a minimum of four competitive written quotes.

For purchases estimated to be £25,000 or more but below EU threshold the use of The North West Chest is considered best practice.

The exception to the above is where use is made of a framework.

Opportunities on The Chest are also advertised on the Contract Finder.

Further details of our Procurement Rules can be found in our Constitution, section 4, article H (starting on page 249).

Response date
30 January 2020