Freedom of information request response - 06607

FOI request

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Facilities Contract Data Request

I would like the organisation to review my freedom of information request below, that’s focused around contract data for services around facilities management.

For each of the different contracts below, can you please provide me with all the information using the questions below

  1. Office and building cleaning – Service contract that is focus around office, commercial and building cleaning services.
  2. Lift service and maintenance – Service contract for lift service and maintenance.
  3. Food – Service contract that is focused around catering services.
  4. General waste services contracts – The organisation’s primary general waste service contract.
  5. Laundry services where clothes and linen can be washed and ironed.

Contract profile questionnaire for each type of contract:

  1. Supplier/Provider of the services
  2. Total Annual Spend – The spend should only relate to each of the service contract listed above.
  3. A description of the services provided under this contract please includes information if other services are included under the same contract.
  4. The number of sites the contract covers
  5. The start date of the contract
  6. The end date of the contract
  7. The duration of the contract, please include information on any extensions period.
  8. Who within the organisation is responsible for each of these contracts? name, Job Title, contact number and email address.

Our response


  1. 1. Office & Building Cleaning is undertaken by Amey Plc, as part of the Blue Collar services contract.
    2. Annual Spend = £160 000 approximately
    3. Internal Cleaning and window cleaning to various buildings plus Ancillary services to include:
    Caretaking duties.
    Hospitality and committee duties
    Hoisting the Union Flag on appropriate occasions
    Emergency call out provision
    Removal of litter, leaf blossom fall from pedestrian areas around the buildings
    Snow clearing, salting and gritting of pedestrian areas around the buildings.
    4. Number of sites within the contract = 22
    5. This contract has been in place since 1st April 2012.
    6. The contract is due to end on 31st March 2022.
    7, Duration of contract is 10 years.

  2. 1. OTIS Limited
    2. Annual spend = £1200.00 approx.
    3. Annual Service and Maintenance.
    4. One site covered. (Town Hall).
    5. Annual Contract.
    6. Start Date 01/11/2019
    7. End Date 31/10/2020.

  3. n/a
  4. 1. Amey Plc deal with Trade Waste. Cumbria Waste Recycling Ltd deal with Commercial recycling
    2. Annual spend trade waste = £6300.00 approx. Annual spend commercial recycling = £1200.00 approx.
    3. Uncertain when both service level agreements were originally agreed, currently agreements roll over annually.
    4. Number of sites for trade waste = 4. Number of sites commercial recycling = 2.
    5. see part 3 above
    6. see part 3 above
    7. Duration of Amey Contract 10 years. Duration of Cumbria Waste Recycling Ltd Contract

  5. n/a

For all of the contracts: Jane Langston, Assistant Director Commissioning and Technical Services., 01768 817817

Response date
29 January 2020