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FOI request

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Sports and leisure facilities
  1. What is the council's set budget for expenditure on sport and leisure facilities for the following two years:
    1. 2012 (so the 2011/2012 budget)
    2. 2020 (so the 2019/2020 budget)
  2. I would also like to know how many of the following facilities were owned/operated by the council for the above two years (so January 2012 and January 2020) please:
    1. Public swimming pools. Also, how many of these pools are Olympic-sized? (2012 and 2020)
    2. Public athletics tracks (2012 and 2020)
    3. Public cycling tracks/velodromes (2012 and 2020)
    4. Public playing fields / football rugby pitches does the council own/operate (2012 and 2020). This does not need to be broken down by size etc.

Our response

  1. a. £467,300
    b. £171,717
  2. a. Two pools (Penrith, Appleby). Neither are Olympic-sized. This is the same for both years.
    b. None
    c. None
    d. The number of pitches has remained the same at 16 for both years.
Response date
27 January 2020