Freedom of information request response - 06524

FOI request

FOI ID number
PR and Communication Support
  1. Please furnish us with the name of the company which provides PR, comms/marketing support to Eden District Council
  2. Please confirm how long this arrangement has existed and the duration and financial cost of any arrangement/contract
  3. Please provide details of how much Eden District Council has spent with this company so far in 2019-20
  4. Please provide details of the contract and the daily/hourly rate

Our response

  1. INTRO
  2. The arrangement was established 5 June 2019 and is paid at a daily rate of £350 for two days a week and the arrangement was in place until Christmas 2019 plus some additional specific commissions.
  3. £21,800
  4. The base contract is for £350 per day for two days a week
Response date
23 January 2020