Freedom of information request response - 06638

FOI request

FOI ID number
Link Care
  • The number of Link Carers
  • The number of children and young people supported
  • If the Link Carers are retained
  • If the Link Carers are dual registered i.e. registered to also provide respite to children & young people in foster placements
  • The content of Link Carer agreements
  • Detail regarding Link Carer payments
  • Impact of the services on other Short Breaks Services
  • Where the Link Care Service sits e.g. within Children with Disabilities or Fostering
  • The impact the Link Care Service has on Fostering, Children in Care and Children with Disabilities
  • If the LA be willing to work with neighbouring authorities
  • If the LA would be willing to utilise Link Carers from other LAs
  • How Link Carer payments compare with Direct Payments rates
  • If the LA offer overnight DPs/policy and procedure for overnight Direct Payments
  • The focus of the Link Care service in terms of the cohort of children and young people - age, complexity of need

Our response


Please note that as a district council we do not have responsibility for children’s services.

Go to Freedom of Information on Cumbria County Council’s website to make your FOI request.

Response date
21 January 2020