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Rough Sleepers

Under the Freedom of Information Act, please could you answer the following questions regarding rough sleepers in your area. 

  1. How many individual rough sleepers have been identified in your area during the calendar year 2019 (January to December)?

  2. If known, how many individual rough sleepers have been identified in your area during the calendar years 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018? Please provide an answer for any of those years for which you have data.

  3. If available, how many of the rough sleepers identified during 2019 were found accommodation?

  4. Please could you explain or link to what your authority does to identify rough sleepers and assist them to come off the streets.

Please note in the questions above I do not wish you to use your single autumn night snapshot figure that you provide to the government as part of the annual rough sleeping statistics published by MHCLG. I would like to know about the total number of individuals identified throughout the year.

However, if you have that snapshot figure available and are willing to disclose it now, please do so in addition to answering the above questions, which cover individuals identified throughout the years.

By "individual rough sleepers" I want to know about the number of people who were identified as rough sleepers, regardless of whether they were identified as sleeping rough once or at various points in the year. Eg, if someone was identified as having slept rough once I would like them to be included. If someone slept rough on two or more occasions, punctuated by a period of not sleeping rough, I would like them to be included.

Our response

  1. 22 people described themselves as rough sleeping or No Fixed Abode. We have been aware of at least 3 people who have slept rough in our area.

  2. 2015 - 2.
    2016 - 2.
    2017 - 1.
    2018 - 1.

  3. 2.

  4. Eden respond to street link queries and information from the public. Housing Options Officers will go out to see anyone who is reported as sleeping rough to offer assistance. Cumbria have recently been awarded MHCLG funding for Rough Sleepers Co-ordinators, Eden have access to the co-ordinator who covers Carlisle, and will work with the Co-ordinator to identify Rough sleepers and develop pathways where possible, this is still in very early development so unable to provide further information at this time.

Response date
08 January 2020