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Prepaid Cards

I would be grateful if you could complete the attached form.

Name of Local Authority:

Does the Council utilise a prepaid card solution for electronic payment disbursement to citizens?

If No,

  • Does the Council anticipate utilising prepaid card services for the disbursement of funds in the future?
  • Has the Council engaged with a provider of prepaid cards previously?
  • Has the Council discounted the usage of prepaid cards? If so, why?

If Yes,

  • What Council schemes currently utilise prepaid cards? (Yes/No)
  • How many cards have been issued over the last 12 months? (1/11/2018 - 31/10/2019)
  • What is the total load value (£) over the last 12 months? (1/11/2018 - 31/10/2019)
  • What is the end date for the existing contract with the Prepaid Card provider?
  • Who provides the Council with its prepaid card solution?
  • What is the cost for the Council to utilise a prepaid card solution per annum?
  • What route did the Council take to procure a prepaid card solution? (Directly, Framework, Tender)


Who is the person responsible for the use of Prepaid Cards:



Telephone Number


Our response


Eden District Council does not operate a scheme a scheme at this point and we do not anticipate operating a scheme in the near future.

Response date
18 December 2019