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Domestic Abuse Service

If your local authority does not commission any domestic abuse services, please do skip questions 1) and 2) as only question 3) will be applicable.

  1. Please answer the below with information about the all the domestic abuse services your local authority commissions.
    1. What services do you commission for survivors of domestic abuse (adults and children)?
    2. Which 'service type' is this commissioned service?
    3. When did the current contract for this commissioned service start, and what is its duration?
    4. When will this commissioned service be retendered?
    5. What is the total monetary value of the contract for this commissioned service?
    6. Which organisation currently holds this contract?
  2. Looking at your total current commissioned spend on domestic abuse provision, it is currently higher or lower or the same as when you last commissioned domestic abuse provision, and if higher or lower, by how much?
  3. Does your local authority fund any domestic abuse services outside of a commissioning process? If so, please answer the below:
    1. What non-commissioned services do you fund for survivors of domestic abuse (adults and children)?
    2. Funding amount (per financial year).
    3. How do you fund this service?
    4. Which organisation receives this funding?



Our response


Eden District Council does not commission any domestic abuse services, please see our response to question 3 below.

  1. Accommodation based (for those living in temporary accommodation) and Community Based Services (including floating Support and Outreach).
  2. £70,700 over 2 years from Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) (plus £8,000 funding from December 2019 to March 2020 from Eden District Council).
  3. 2 year grant from MHCLG and Eden District Council funding.
  4. Eden Housing Association.
Response date
17 December 2019