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Women's Health Services

Please can I request information for the below questions regarding the provision of certain women’s health services in your area:

  • List of all practices (including address and postcode details) that are contracted to fit/offer an Internal Uterine System/Device (coil) fitting service
  • How many IUS/Ds (coils) have each practice fitted/removed/reviewed/claimed for in the financial year 2018/19
  • How much are contracted practices paid per IUS/IUD (coil) procedure (fit, remove, review or other) they currently contracted to pay per fit
  • If fitting service is available how many insertions and removals have been undertaken in the last 12 months for each practice
  • Does the practice have a bespoke clinic for IUS/D (coil) fitting or are appointments for IUS/D (coil) fits made as part of the routine appointment schedule or both
  • Is there a waiting time for IUS/IUD (coil) fits at the practice and if so how long (less than 6 weeks, between 6 weeks – 6 months, or longer than 6 months
  • If a practice does not have its own fitting service, which practice/clinic/hospital do they refer the majority of their patients that require an IUS/D (coil) fit to (type, name, address and postcode) and how many do they refer
  • Do they have someone within the practice who provides specialist contraceptive counselling and if so what is their role (doctor, nurse, healthcare assistant, healthcare visitor or other)

Our response


Please note that as a district council we do not have responsibility for women’s health services.

Go to Freedom of Information on Cumbria County Council’s website to make your FOI request.

Response date
17 December 2019