Freedom of information request response - 06581

FOI request

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Special Educational Needs Schools

Q1 - How many placements have you made at special educational needs schools in your local authority under ‘Local Offer’ funding between September 2014 and the date this request has been submitted?

Q2 - How many requests have you receive to access Local Offer funding since September 2014?

Q3 - How many requests have you received to fund SEND places that have gone to tribunal since September 2014?

Q4 - How much extra funding has been awarded to provide places or additional support for pupils with dyslexia since September 2014 and how many pupils does that equate to?

Q5 - Can you please outline your Local Authority process for handling enquiries for Local Offer funding queries, from the point of receiving a request to payment being made?

Our response


Thank you for your Freedom of Information (FOI) request which has been logged under reference FOI: 06581.

Please note that as a district council we do not have responsibility for schools.

Go to Freedom of Information on Cumbria County Council’s website to make your FOI request.

Response date
11 December 2019