Freedom of information request response - 06444

FOI request

FOI ID number
Staff parking costs, policies and procedures
  1. To help us understand how other local authorities manage car parking and car parking charges for staff, please answer the following questions:
  2. Do you provide parking for staff?
  3. How many car parking spaces are available for members of staff to use?
  4. Are these spaces allocated to staff members via parking permits? If no please specify how parking for staff is managed.
  5. Do you charge staff for parking?
  6. If you do charge staff for parking, please confirm how much each staff member if charged per annum?
  7. Do you charge staff members based on pay grade/salary?
  8. Do you deduct the parking charges directly from the staff members salary?
  9. Do you provide circumstantial discounts for staff parking e.g. part time staff, car shares etc.
  10. Do you provide free parking for disabled blue badge holders?
  11. If you do charge for staff parking, please provide electronic copies of procedures and processes for the application and payment of a parking permit.
  12. If you do charge staff for parking, please provide electronic copies of staff parking regulations, policies and terms and conditions.

Our response

  1. Yes.
  2. 120.
  3. Yes, permits are issued to staff annually, the whole of the car parks are staff only from 7am until 7pm Monday through Friday under a TRO
  4. Not currently.
  5. Not applicable
  6. Not applicable
  7. Not applicable
  8. Not applicable
  9. Not applicable
  10. Yes
  11. Not applicable
  12. Not applicable
Response date
21 November 2019