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FOI request

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Christmas lights switch on

1) Has or will your local authority have a Christmas lights switch on or similar event in October, November or December 2019?

If no, then no further questions apply and to save you time, a response just saying "No" will suffice

If yes, then please confirm the following:

2) Who did (or will do) the switch on or performed (or will perform) at the event?

3) Were they (or will they be) paid a fee to do so? If so, how much were they paid (or will they be paid)? If more than one, please provide a breakdown.

4) Were (or will) expenses paid, either in addition to any fee or instead of? If so, please provide a breakdown of these.

Our response


Eden District Council will not be having a Christmas Lights switch on this year.

Response date
15 November 2019