Freedom of information request response - 06394

FOI request

FOI ID number
Boiler Burner

For each biomass boiler installation in buildings owned or managed by your local authority, including, where relevant, schools which come under the local authority's aegis I would be grateful for the following information:

To assist in gathering this information, I have created a spreadsheet template which is attached to this email which I would be grateful if you could complete for me.

The spreadsheet contains the following fields:

  • Council
  • Biomass Asset
  • Building Type (Drop down list options: School, Leisure Centre, Library, Offices, Sheltered Accommodation, Community Building, Nursing Home, Other)
  • Biomass Fuel Type (Drop down list options: Pellet, Chip, Other)
  • Biomass Boiler Size (kW)
  • Operational Status (Drop down list options: Active/Inactive)
  • RHI Claimed (Drop down list options: Yes/No)
  • RHI claim amount (last 4 quarters)
  • Address of Biomass Asset

Our response


Eden District Council does not have any biomass boiler installations in any buildings which it owns or manages.

Response date
15 November 2019