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  • How much money have you received in each year since 2009-10 from central government to specifically tackle the problem of potholes?
  • How much of the “£420 million to local authorities in 2018-19 to tackle potholes” (5.3 Modernising transport, paragraph 3, ), that the Chancellor promised at the 2018 budget, has the council received so far?
  • How much of the £420 million, do you expect to receive?
  • What proportion of potholes will you be able to fix as a result of money received from central government this year, which was specifically designated to tackle the issue of potholes (including the £420 million)? 

Our response


Please note that as a district council we do not have responsibility for roads. See Freedom of Information at Cumbria County Council to redirect your query using their website.

Response date
05 March 2019