Freedom of information request response - 06442

FOI request

FOI ID number
Business Rates

I am aware that all Billing Authorities hold records of businesses that have created a new account.

We would like to obtain a list of businesses who are paying business rates who have created a new account within the last 12 months. If this information is available on the website then please also indicate when the requested information (spreadsheet or website) has been updated and a link to this if available.

I therefore request a breakdown including the following information:

 A) The name of each business in respect of which non-domestic rates are payable. 

 B) The Rateable value of the property.

 C) The address of the business in respect of which non-domestic rates apply.

 D) The date the account was created.

Our response


Please find attached the business rates spreadsheet which can be filtered to obtain information regarding businesses and charities. This spreadsheet is updated regularly and was last done so in August 2019.

(To obtain a copy of the full response, please contact us at:


Response date
07 October 2019