Freedom of information request response - 06377

FOI request

FOI ID number
Food Businesses

In accordance with FOI laws, please provide me with details of all the food businesses that have been newly registered with the Council under Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 between the 1st February and 30th June 2019.

Can you please return the information into an excel spreadsheet with columns as follows:

  • Trading Name of Business
  • Full Address of Establishment
  • Postcode of Business
  • Please indicate the "Type of Food Activity" that the business is registered for
  • Business email address as registered

Our response


Please find attached the latest Food Premises Register. The register is updated every 2 months. Please note that we do not hold searchable records which would allow us to provide a list of details of who has registered in any date period other than keeping the registration details on the register as required.

(To obtain a copy of the Food Premises Register document disclosed with this response, please contact us at:

Response date
05 September 2019