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Community Asset Transfer

We are carrying out an FOI of local authorities to determine new information about the extent of community asset transfer (CAT) across the country, as part of our campaign on the importance of community spaces. This work is being carried out by Locality, the national network for community organisations, in partnership with the Co-op.


We would be grateful if you could provide the name of the authority in full; your region; and a contact for any follow-up questions, if possible.

The authority’s Community Asset Transfer (CAT) policy

1. Does the authority have a published Community Asset Transfer* policy? *Community Asset Transfer enables local authorities to transfer the ownership/management of their assets to community organisations at less than full market value in order to achieve a defined public benefit.

  • If yes, please provide a web-link to the policy.
  • If no, is Community Asset Transfer (CAT) integrated into another policy within your local authority – such as wider asset management strategies or VCSE (voluntary, community and social enterprise) policies? Please provide a web-link to this, if so.
  • If no, does the authority have a CAT policy that is not-published / only available on request? Please provide a copy if available, if so.

2. If the authority has a CAT policy (whether integrated into another strategy or a non-published policy), when was this last updated or reviewed?

The volume of Community Asset Transfer over the last five years

3. How many land or building assets has the authority transferred to community ownership* through Community Asset Transfer in the following time periods (financial years): 2014/15, 2015/16, 2016/17, 2017/18, and 2018/19?  

* For the purpose of this question, please provide the number of assets that have been transferred using the General Disposal Consent (England) 2003 (Local Government Act 1972), which enables the transfer of assets at less than best or nil consideration to achieve a defined community benefit.

4. Of those assets that have been transferred, how many are on:

a) A freehold agreement

b) A long lease of at least 25 years or more

c) A lease of between 5 years and 25 years

d) A lease of less than 5 years.

Please provide this information for the same time periods as Q3 if possible.

5. Currently, how many land or building assets does the authority own in total? Please exclude social housing assets from this total.

6. How many of the authority’s land and building assets are currently identified as potential assets available for CAT? Please state if you do not review assets available for CAT in this way.

Our response


1. The Council does not have a published community asset transfer policy. However, the Council has approved a committee report on general transfer of Assets to Town and Parish Councils.

2. There is no update. Assets transferred have individual committee reports for approval.


2014/15 - 0

2015/16 - 1

2016/17 - 1

2017/18 - 4

2018/19 - 2

4. All freehold.

5. The Council has 250 land or building assets.

6. The Council’s assets are not reviewed in this way.

Response date
02 September 2019