Freedom of information request response - 06286

FOI request

FOI ID number

Please provide, in line with FOI Act, the following:

  1. The number of complaints regarding ‘flies’ in the Eden District over the last 12 months broken down by month and area. 
  2. The outcome for each complaint received. 
  3. Any documents relating to any investigation surrounding a complaint of flies, including the outcome of such investigations.

By complaints of flies I mean those residential premises complaining regarding excessive flies.

Our response



August 2019 – Stainton (23)

July 2019 – Penruddock (1)

April 2019 – Great Salkeld (1)



Stainton – source of infestation not identified, but advice and guidance given to all businesses in the locality who might be implicated. Infestation significantly reduced now but complaint still open.  

Penruddock – complaint still open; awaiting information from complainant.

Great Salkeld – Complaint closed; no statutory nuisance.


3.  Please refer to the letter attached, which has been redacted for personal data, in line with Section 40 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and our Redaction Policy.

Response date
27 August 2019