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Asset Register

Please provide a copy of your Asset Register, detailing properties and land owned by the Council. Councils are now required to publish their asset registers as per the Local Authority Transparency Code 2015, which sets out that councils "must" publish details of all land and building assets" including:

  • all service and office properties occupied or controlled by user bodies, both freehold and leasehold 
  • any properties occupied or run under Private Finance Initiative contracts 
  • all other properties they own or use, for example, hostels, laboratories, investment properties and depots 
  • garages unless rented as part of a housing tenancy agreement 
  • surplus, sublet or vacant properties 
  • undeveloped land 
  • serviced or temporary offices where contractual or actual occupation exceeds three months, and 
  • all future commitments, for example under an agreement for lease, from when the contractual commitment is made.

Please note that, per the instruction of the Transparency Code, I am not requesting information on the council's council housing stock, any operational railways and canals, any public highways, any assets of national security, or any "information deemed inappropriate for public access".

As this code sets out that publication is mandatory, I believe that there is a significant public interest in publishing the council's asset register. This belief is also echoed in the Transparency Code's introduction.

Please could you provide this register in a spreadsheet format, preferably in a .csv file.

Please note that I am looking for a detailed list of the council's land assets, and I am not looking for a map.

Further to this, I would not consider this request completed without access to a list of councils in a table format.  

A good example of the type of file I'm looking for can be found on Bristol CC's website: as a .csv download. Finally, please also release any GIS files (Shapefile or KML ideally) that you hold, showing the polygons and points for land that are owned by the council.

Our response


We can confirm that the information requested is not held. Although we recognise the Asset Register is a requirement under the Local Government Transparency Code 2015 and have begun the process of compiling it, it has not yet been possible to complete and publish the register, due to resourcing constraints.

Response date
19 August 2019