Freedom of information request response - 06320

FOI request

FOI ID number
Fleet List

I should like to request the following information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000:

The fleet list of vehicles operated by Eden District Council, to include:

  • Vehicle make and model
  • Year of production/model year
  • Vehicle type/purpose (e.g. community transport, rubbish disposal, etc.)
  • Whether the vehicle is owned or leased
  • Year of purchase/lease agreement

I should prefer to receive these in electronic format at this email address.

It would be helpful if you were to provide any brief notes which might be necessary to understand the context of the information provided, although I recognise that you are not obliged to do this.

If the information requested contains sections of confidential information, please blank out or remove these sections, and mark clearly that they have been removed.

Our response

  • VW Caddy x 2
  • 2016
  • Community Wardens / stray dogs
  • Leased
  • 2016
Response date
19 August 2019