Freedom of information request response - 06285

FOI request

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Clothes Recycling Banks
  1. Please can you tell me how many clothes recycling banks the council has in its area?
  2. If you have clothes recycling banks, please can you tell me which company/charity operates these banks and whether the company pays any money to the council or another landlord to keep a clothes bank in that space. Please include the monthly rental charge, or relevant charge if it is not monthly.
  3. If the council is not the recipient of the rent, please can you list the companies that receive the money from the clothes recycling bank company/charity.

Our response

  1. 78
  2. These are serviced by Cumbria Waste Recycling, through an EDC Contract, and they do not pay rent. In addition, we are aware of one textile bank owned by Morrisons Foundation on the Morrisons Site and three EDC Bring Site locations with   British Heart Foundation textile banks on them.
  3. As above.
Response date
15 August 2019